Zero-VAT ? Am I eligible?

Are you registered disabled? Do you suffer from a chronic illness?
If the answer is yes to any of the questions above you may be entitled to VAT exemption.

In accordance to Notice 107/7 “VAT Relief for Disabled People”, People who suffer from a disability or have a chronic illness are exempt from paying VAT on goods that are for personal use. If you are unsure of your position as to whether you are eligible for VAT exemption, please consult the National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000.


How do I claim VAT Exemption?
Claiming VAT relief online is easy. Simple checkout as usual and you will be given the option to complete a VAT exemption declaration. Only select this option if you are entitled to it. Warning: Your declaration will be checked for accuracy.

Is every product you sell available for VAT Exemption?
Only certain products are available against which a person can claim VAT relief. These products are marked with the VAT exemption logo.

I am purchasing on behalf of someone who is eligible to claim, is this allowed?
If you are purchasing on behalf of a person with a disability or chronic illness, you can do so providing the delivery details are those of the person claiming relief from VAT. You will also be required to complete the declaration by completing the last section of the online VAT Relief form.

Warning: There are penalties for knowingly providing false information or for deliberate circumvention of the VAT Exemption rules. Declarations will be checked for accuracy.

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