ndd EasyOne Air Spirometer with Software

ndd EasyOne Air Spirometer with Software

ndd EasyOne Air Spirometer with Software
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The ndd EasyOne Air is a stand-alone portable and lightweight handheld diagnostic Spirometer; ergonomically designed and highly versatile for use in almost any clinical setting.

It is easy to operate using the intuitive and user-friendly interface on a large, high resolution colour touchscreen display. It’s powered by a single rechargeable battery pack, has a large memory storage for up to 10,000 tests and comes complete with a docking station and PC software.



The EasyOne Air has an easy to follow workflow making spirometry simple to conduct. Patient data can easily be entered onto the device using the touchscreen keypad or recalled from memory. The spirometer offers a range of manouveres to choose from including FVC, FVL, Tidal FVC, Tidal FVL, SVC and MVV; measuring a wide range of selectable parameters. It also features pre and post bronchodilator testing.

When a patient performs a trial, the flow volume and volume time curves are displayed in real-time. The EasyOne Air gives immediate automatic feedback after each trial, letting the user know if the trial was performed well or prompting the patient as to what is needed to improve with the next trial. It provides accurate grading at the end of each test as well as information for possible diagnosis.

The test is stored on the device and a report can easily be printed directly from the EasyOne Air to a compatible printer, removing the need for a computer.

In addition, the EasyOne Air comes with EasyOne Connect PC software. Although the Spirometer is designed to be a stand-alone device, the software can be highly useful in situations where users are testing more than one patient in a day. Patient data can be uploaded to the device prior to conducting a clinic in order to save time. The PC software also facilitates real-time testing via Bluetooth or USB and the downloading of test results from the device for further analysis and report export to the patient record system.


See EasyOne Air with the Free EasyOne Connect in action with SystmOne Integration


See EasyOne Air with the Free EasyOne Connect in action with EMIS Integration


HL7 EMR: See EasyOne Air with the Free EasyOne Connect in action with integration with Hospital Language 7 EMR Systems



The EasyOne Air produces highly accurate, reliable, and error-free results utilising ndd’s TrueFlow ultrasound technology. This technology eliminates problems associated with traditional methods of flow measurement. There are no moving parts, no codes to enter and no screens to catch sputum. The ultrasonic flow measurement is independent of gas composition, pressure, temperature, and humidity thus eliminating errors due to these variables.

It doesn’t require calibration nor any maintenance. However, it can be verified using a calibration syringe in accordance to the ATS/ERS guidelines.


  • 2 year warranty.

  • Uses EasyOne Flow Tubes


ndd EasyOne Air Spirometer includes:

    •    ndd EasyOne Air Spirometer Unit
    •    Rechargeable Battery Pack
    •    USB Docking Cradle
    •    Spirometer to Printer USB cable (micro-B 5 pin/type B Cable)
    •    Spirometer to PC USB cable (micro-B 5 pin/type A 2.0 cable)
    •    Power Plug and UK Adaptor
    •    Bluetooth USB Receiver for PC
    •    4 x Flow Tubes
    •    1 x Noseclip
    •    Product Documentation
    Easy One Connect PC Software on USB key
    •    Quick Start Guide


  • EMIS/SystmOne Integration (call for details)



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