93654 Welch Allyn MicroTymp 3 Portable Tympanometer

93654 Welch Allyn MicroTymp 3 Portable Tympanometer

93654 Welch Allyn MicroTymp 3 Portable Tympanometer
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In today's fast-paced practice, you need dependable equipment that is easy to use and provides you with dependable patient information. Appropriately diagnosing otitis media is now made easier with the MicroTymp3.

Whether fluid in the ear is visible or not, the MicroTymp3 produces an accurate,
objective measurement of middle ear status for patients of all ages -
including infants less than six months.

In addition to otitis media, the MicroTymp3 also helps detect these other pathologies:
* Perforated tympanic membrane
* Patent tympanostomy
* Ossicular disruption * Otosclerosis
* Tympanosclerosis
* Cholesteatoma

Features 1,000 Hz quick-interpretation mode for
testing infants under the age of 6 months
* Test in seconds-ideal for young or uncooperative patients
* Convenient cards and sleeve attach to charging base for easy documentation of 1,000 Hz results
* Foreground and background contrast LCD screen
for easy viewing
* Three optional forms of information available for 226 Hz-tympanogram, numerical and interpretive data-making it flexible for your needs
* Compare middle ear function measurements
side-by-side with easy-to-use graphs (226 Hz only)
* Tests print automatically or on-demand and can produce multiple copies for parent consultation
or referral (for 226 Hz only-printing not available for 1,000 Hz)

Technical Spec.
Probe Tone
226 Hz Amplitude: 85 3 dB SPL
1,000 Hz Amplitude: 83 3 dB SPL
Frequency Accuracy: 2%
Total Harmonic Distortion: 3% Maximum
Signal Type: Continuous Sinusoid
All specifications measured in an ANSI HA-1 (2.0 cc) coupler.
Pressure Measurement System
Direction of sweep: positive to negative pressure
Sweep Rate: 400 daPa/sec average during data acquisition period
Range: +200 to -400 daPa
Display Resolution: 20 daPa
Accuracy: 15% or 10 daPa, whichever is greater
Compensation: Auto-zero every test cycle
Admittance Measurement System
226 Hz Mode:
Range: 0.2 to 4.0 mmho total
0.0 to 1.5 mmho for Ya
0.2 to 2.5 cc for +200 Vea
Accuracy: 0.1 mmho or 5%, whichever is greater
Positive tail compensation
1,000 Hz Mode:
Range: 0.9 to 16.6 mmho total
0.0 to 6.5 mmho for Ya*
0.2 to 2.5 cc for +200 Vea
Accuracy: 0.4 mmho or 5%, whichever is greater
Negative tail compensation
*for ear canal volumes .2.0 cc
Display Resolution:
0.1 mmho for Ya
0.2 cc for +200 Vea
Handle: 0.61 lb/0.28 kg
Printer/Charger: 3.98 lb/1.81 kg

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