WatchBP Home N Blood pressure monitor

WatchBP Home N Blood pressure monitor

WatchBP Home N Blood pressure monitor
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What is it for?

WatchBP Home N: valuable measurements during the night

Despite all arguments in favour of self-measurement of blood pressure it is not (yet) considered to be as reliable as 24-h ambulatory blood pressure measurement (ABPM) [1]. There are some reasons for this but the most important is that with ABPM the nocturnal blood pressure can be determined.

Nocturnal blood pressure:
Many studies have shown that nocturnal (during the night) blood pressure measurement is the most reliable measure for predicting cardiovascular events. This means that if self-measurement of blood pressure could replace ABPM as a gold standard it needs the possibility of performing nocturnal blood pressure measurements.

For this reason Microlife has extended the validated Home Watch BP Home with the possibility to automatically perform three subsequent nocturnal measurements: WatchBP Home N (octurnal).


Benefits of the WatchBP Home N above 24-hour blood pressure measurement

Although the WatchBP Home might not be able to replace the ABPM it has some important benefits above ABPM:

Better sleep quality
With ABPM patients often feel uncomfortable when wearing the device, complain about sleep disturbance [1] and frequent subsequent measurements cause pain in the upper arm. All factors that may influence reliability of the performed measurements. With the WatchBP Home N only three measurements at night will be performed, which leads to less disturbance.

ABPM is very expensive and labour intensive. An ABPM device costs about 10 times the price of a self-measurement device and a research nurse is required to hook on and off the device, to instruct the patients and to transmit the obtained data to the computer after measurement.

More reproducible
Although, ABPM is determined to be the gold standard in blood pressure measurement its reproducibility is poor [2], mainly due to the fact that measurements are only performed at one day. The WatchBP Home N allows patients to perform measurements on multiple days and night which will improve the reproducibility of all measurements.

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