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As from the 13th September 2012, Flatpack mouthpieces for the Bedfont CO monitors will no longer be available unsealed in boxes of 250 and 50. Instead it will be replaced for a better value for money bag of 125 mouthpieces, priced the same as the old discontinued box of 50. The mouthpieces will still be available individually sealed in flat packs of 250's and 50's.

Options available:

  • Bag of 125 Mouthpieces
  • Box of 50 Individually sealed mouthpieces
  • Box of 250 Individually sealed mouthpieces


Bedfont Scientific, the UK's market leader in smoking cessation monitors have released the new piCO baby and piCO simple smokerlyzers.

The piCO simple is an essential update to the original piCO+. The piCO range also extends into foetal monitoring with the arrival of the brand new piCO baby smokerlyzer.

Design wise, these new monitors closely follow on from the piCO+ with all the changes and essential advancements made to the firmware.

One of the key features of the new piCO models is that no calibration is required. Another major change is the simplicity of taking breath samples. No confusing menus upon start up, the new piCO monitors just need to be switched on, watch the countdown on screen and give a breath sample; testing patients quicker and easier than ever before.


To read more, go to our smokerlyzers section for more information

From January 2012, Intermedical have partnered up with Bedfont Scientific to supply the Smokerlyzer and NObreath range.

Intermedical have been appointed as UK exclusive distributors of the Smokerlyzer range as well as the NObreath ENO monitor into primary and secondary healthcare. This includes consumables such as the flatpack mouthpieces and calibration gas.

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